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Revival Work

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Breathwork &
Men's Groups
with Vlasi Vlahosotiros


strengthen your mind, body and spirit

Discover a path towards healing, growth, and self-discovery. Build powerful resiliency. Cultivate a life of authenticity, joy, and purpose.


Conscious Connected Breathwork is a key to unlocking greater fulfillment is life.

Maybe you desire deeper connection in your relationships. Or, you're inspired to maximize your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 
You've heard of the incredible benefits that Breathwork offers, and now you're curious about what it might offer you. 

Lungs Illustration

Hi, I'm Vlasi 

Discover BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma-Release System® (BBTRS®) with a certified practitioner

based in Portland, Oregon.

I'm deeply passionate about sharing this powerful approach with individuals and groups.  


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